Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I was going to talk about my comfort zone this morning.  I thought I would share with you how I've actually had a hard time transitioning from the treadmill.  I am actually nervous to run outside again and afraid to hurt my hamstring.  Basically I became very comfortable on the treadmill and now it is my comfort zone.  With everything that happened yesterday in Boston I realized that my comfort zone has been pulled out from underneath me like a rug.  I ran my first marathon last year, the Portland marathon, and Jess and the girls were there at the finish cheering me on.  Katie finished before I did and she found my family to watch me come into the finish line.  I love those 4 people more than you could imagine and would do anything to keep them safe and all I can think about is that moment.  Knowing they would be there for me at the finish brought me so much comfort during my marathon and now it only brings worry.  I cannot imagine the fear that swept through Boston yesterday and the pain and agony those families are feeling.  My heart is aching for them and our country.  I was reading a bedtime story to my children last night and I couldn't stop myself from crying.  I wondered to myself if my mom worried about the world I was growing up in the way I am with my girls?  I cried because I became incredibly sad for them in that moment, I want them to stay 4 years old and full of wonder and innocence.  I never want them to feel fear or anxiety.  I am so sad for our world and the children who have to grow up and fix all of the chaos we are creating.  I am so sad for everyone involved with the Boston Marathon for so many reasons.  The victims, the volunteers, the runners, the supporters, the first responders, the police force, so many lives turned upside down.  

I am full of sorrow for America, the greatest nation on earth, we have a lot of work to do.    

I am sad because I'll never feel 100% comfortable again having my children at a large race.  

I am also full of hope because I know America is a nation of fighters.  

These people pissed off a bunch of runners, the most peaceful of people and we won't be stopped.  Our spirit is too strong to back down.  The Lord may have mercy on their souls, but honestly I don't know how much mercy I have left in mine.  

If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon 
-Kathrine Switzer

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  1. This post hits close to home because my boys are a little older... getting ready to hit High School and then college. What's to say that they won't be the victims of some of the craziness in our world some day in the future.
    You're right, though. We have hope and we have each other. The good in this world far outweighs the bad. Maybe our children can be a light for others in their darkness.


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