Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Housekeeping & Favorites


I ran my first race of 2013 this morning and it was great!  I'll share more of the details tomorrow, but it was definitely a good start to the season.

I realized the other day I should give the heads up that Google is going to be shutting down Google Reader in July.  For me personally I don't use Google Reader to keep up on my blogs so I don't need to transfer anything.  I am sure a lot of people do use it and if you do my personal recommendation is to switch to Bloglovin.  I talked about it just a couple weeks ago here, but I'll share my love for it again.

An Ode to Bloglovin'

- It is simple all around and I am a simple minded girl    
- Adding and searching for blogs is super easy
- There is a free app for your iPhone and Android based phone, sweet!  
- Both the app and the website lay out the blogs so that you never miss a new post from your favorite blogs

That is my 2 cents on a great blog reader that is simple, easy and keeps track of all of your favorite blogs at the tip of your fingers.  I have a link to my blog on Bloglovin' on the right side bar of my page if you are so inclined to follow this runner!

Sarah made this necklace for me and it immediately jumped to the top of my favorites list.  They are at an age where they want to know about Mama and Daddy.  Recently the big discussion is what our favorite color is and obviously mine is pink.  I love pink, all shades I am not discriminatory.  The other day I pulled out their bead kit so they could make some necklaces and Sarah made this one special for me.  I was doing some chore when she brought it to me and my heart skipped a beat.  In her sweet little voice she said "Look Mama, I made this necklace for you because your favorite color is pink!"  The idea of Sarah sitting quietly and thinking to herself "hey mama likes pink, I'll make her a pink necklace" pulled at my heart strings.  Usually once all of the strings and beads have been used we'll take the necklaces apart and start over.  I hid this one, I'll keep it with me forever, it is such a true representation of my sweet children.  I'll pull it out when she is 15 and hates my guts, it'll remind me of her innocence at 4 years old.  I question myself as a mom a lot, I think most mothers do, but for a moment Sarah made me feel pretty good.  I really do have some amazing little girls, I am a lucky mom.

Back to running news!  Road Runner Sports in Tualatin Oregon is having a Girls Night Out Wednesday March 20th @ 6PM.  I went to their last GNO and it was so much fun!  They have yummy snacks, wine, great vendors and lots of prizes.  If I was home I would be there in heartbeat, but alas I'll have to wait till next time.  Grab your best running girlfriends and go, if not for you do it for me!  

Are you going to humor me and go to the Girls Night Out? 

Do you have a blog reader that you really like?  If so, share what it is!  

Did you do a St. Patrick's Day themed race today?!  
-There was so much green in my race this morning, I loved the tutus the most!


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