Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Final Chicago Post! Day 2

Good morning!  

I was woken up by the train this morning, won't miss that!  Luckily it was good timing and I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the gym.  Weird to think in 9 days I'll be transitioning back to running outside, so excited!  Although basically having a private gym has been pretty awesome, no complaints there!  I ran a 5 mile tempo run with an average pace of 9:30, I am happy to be getting stronger as a runner.

  You know it is a tempo run when it looks like a heart monitor at a hospital 

Today is my last post on Chicago, you can read about our 1st day here and here.

On our 2nd and final day in Chicago we decided to head out for breakfast and asked the front desk for a good family spot.  They recommended Eggsperience on Ontario and it did not disappoint!  While we were walking there we passed by RPM Italian which is Bill and Giuliana Rancic's restaurant, I was super excited!  Sadly it did not open until 3, but yes I did peak in the windows. 

When we first walked in the lobby of Eggsperience it was packed and we figured it was going to be a really long wait.  The host immediately got our name on the list and we were seated in less than 10 minutes.  The service was awesome and the food was really good and not very expensive, I would definitely go back.

Love them 

After breakfast we checked out of the hotel, grabbed our car and headed towards Wrigley Field.  Our friends have a personalized brick at Wrigley Field and in addition to seeing this landmark I really wanted to find their brick.  It took a little while but I finally spotted it!

Once we were done freezing our noses off at Wrigley Field we headed towards our last stop, The Museum of Science and Industry.  It was included in our City Pass and it had the word science in it so there was no way Jess was skipping this one.  We go to OMSI pretty regularly in Portland, but this place is like OMSI on steroids.  There was so much to see and do there, Jess was totally in his element.

I was excited to see their Naval exhibit with an entire submarine on display.  I wish they would have had those 2 posters in stock, I think my brother would have really liked one of them.  

We were finally kicked out at closing and Jess was super bummed.  I think we'll definitely go back when we are in town again.  It was almost 6 at this point and we had a good 4 hours of driving ahead of us!  So we piled in and headed home.  It was hands down one of our best family trips to date, all 4 of us had such a good time and there was never a dull moment.  I am already saving my pennies for the 2014 Chicago Marathon!  

Tell me about your run today, are you training for an upcoming race?  

What is your favorite trip to date?  

Do you collect things when you travel?  
- I have just started to recently collect Starbucks' mugs from the different places I've visited.  I have to really like the place though, those mugs aren't cheap!  We also collect magnets from every new place we visit.  We keep them on our fridge in the garage and it is a fun way to remember all the  places we have been.  

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