Monday, December 17, 2012

Keep It Simple


Wow, what a few days it has been in our world.  I don't think an hour goes by that the children from Newtown don't enter my mind.  While my heart aches for what they went through it is their mother's who I am feeling the most sorrow.  The mother's who have to endure the pain of Christmas without their precious babies.  You send your children to school to learn and grow in a safe and warm environment and that sense of security was stolen from all of us Friday.  The whole nation is grieving with the families and I know for one  I'll never be the same. 

With it being Christmas and knowing how hectic this time can be for everyone I have been intentionally working towards simplicity.  I have re-read my Organized Simplicity book and was thrilled to see she had an E-book out now too.  It was a quick download to my Kindle and only hit my account with a small $5 charge.  Her 2nd book is titled One Bite At A Time and I am excited to take it on next.  I crave a simple life, a quiet life with my husband and my girls.  My best days are the ones where we are all together as a family just being together, nothing on the agenda and no where to be. Granted everyday can't be like this because then how you could really appreciate those special days but we need more of them in our life.  I don't want "Simplicity" to be a resolution or a fad, I want it to be a main priority in our family.  If you are also looking for some change in your life and want to slow down and just enjoy the days I really recommend her books.  If you are like me you'll take from them what works for your individual situation and politely decline anything that wouldn't work for your current season of life.  

OK now onto to running, this is a running blog right?!  Well for me running helps me keep sane, it helps me through times of grief and stress.  So why wouldn't running also help me keep things simple?  Don't let your running become another stress in your life, running is to enhance your life!  I was feeling a little overwhelmed a few weeks ago by running and just let myself take a little break from a strict schedule of training.  I realized now was not the time to be taking on a stringent training schedule.  It is Christmas time which means lots and lots of extra things to do on top of our already very full lives.  I decided to cut myself a break and run casually, take the stress out of it.  Since literally telling myself out loud that I cannot be expected to do EVERYTHING and I need to slow down and enjoy this time I have felt like a new person.  I have found I am still able to run/cross train 3 times a week which is great for maintenance   I won't be ready for any half marathon come January/February but I will be a lot more sane!  I am glad I am giving myself some slack and really appreciating all Christmas has to offer this year.  

Sarah and Katherine are so stinking excited for Santa to come that I may burst from the cuteness.  We adopted our Elf Buddy this year and it is a tradition that we'll enjoy for years to come!  I personally wouldn't mind if Buddy stuck around year around, they listen to him better than me.  We had the girl's tumbling recital this last weekend and it was so cute I almost died.  Now it is already the week before Christmas and I have just a couple little teeny items to pick up and I am basically ready for the fat guy in his red suit to come down our chimney.  

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season, it is a special time of year and if you have young kids at home slow down and enjoy.  As you are experiencing it all just goes so fast.   

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? 

Anyone running any fun holiday races?  

What is your big race for 2013?  
- I would like to do another marathon, maybe 2 or 3!  

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