Sunday, December 2, 2012

Back on Track!


Time for another week to start and its time for me to get myself back on track with an actual schedule.  I am going to start up another 90 days of Chalean tomorrow morning and I'll just start right from the beginning.  I think between the 4 days of cross training and 4 days of running I'll be on track for my 2013 marathon goals.  Plus I just really like Chalean and the way it makes me feel so why not just keep the cycle going?!  

Best Laid Plans for Next Week 
Monday- Burn 1 
Tuesday - Run Day 
Wednesday - Burn 2 
Thursday - Run Day & Intervals 
Friday - Burn 3 & 1st Friday Holiday Run 
Saturday - Long Run Day 
Sunday - Rest Day      

Tonight we are catching up with Son's of Anarchy, love me some Jax Teller!  We had a weekend full of Christmas fun and we finally were able to see Wreck it Ralph.  It was a cute movie and Jess loved all of the old video game references...I of course was lost on all of it.  

I guess if I plan on waking up early tomorrow to get back on track I should head to bed.  Good Night! 

Do you think it helps you to take a break from your regular workout schedule?  
- I take a break from time to time because it helps me recharge, it keeps me motivated when I start up again 

Do you see many movies in the theater?  
- We do if they are kid movies, adult movies we don't go and see...called being a parent I guess! 

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