Monday, October 1, 2012

The Color Run!

Good morning!  Happy Monday and 1st of October!  The 1st of October means I can legally bust out my Halloween decorations today, woop!  It is going to be a pretty big day around here.  In other big news Katie and I finally got a chance to do the Color Run this past weekend.  

They say that 15,000 people were registered for it but it never felt like that many people to me.  It probably helped that it took place at Portland International Raceway so there was lots of room for people to move.  We got there nice and early so we didn't really have a lot of lines to wait in and we were able to be in the 2nd wave of runners.  Well let me correct that, we were able to dodge lots of walkers, lol.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with walkers but I think it would be better to split us up.  Runners get started first and then the walkers, I think everyone would have enjoyed the course a little more.  Lots of dodging and swerving, I am sure the walkers loved being sideswiped the whole 5k.  

The swag bag wasn't to exciting, a cotton t-shirt, a Color Runner sweat headband, temp tattoo and bag of color for the end.  Plus there wasn't anything at the finish like snacks or samples really.  I saw a line for some drink, similar to a sports drink, but the line was LONG.  Probably because that was the only thing they were offering.  There was lots of food you could buy but I doubt to many people had a lot of money on them,  most knew anything they brought would be covered in color by the end.  We did have a good time on the course and got very colored by the end of it!  



So far today seems quiet, besides the garbage man outside my window delivering some gigantic dumpster to the neighbors at 7 AM, that's fun.  It is still taper week around here and apparently I am suppose to eat pasta at every meal to build up my carbs.  Fine!  If I must!  I am kidding, please don't send me "You are an idiot" emails, I know I am suppose to up my carbs a little bit and I promise only 1 pasta dish per day ;)  

Have you ever done the Color Run?  

Were you there this weekend?! 

Tell me about your tips for taper week!   


  1. 15,000? That would explain the traffic nightmare down there! We were next door at Portland Meadows to cheer for my "baby" at the Nike Pre-Nationals. Having the Color Run and Nike Pre-Nationals right there together was probably not the best thought out choice :P

  2. I know! I saw that sign for the Pre and thought that is going to be crazy traffic as the day goes on. Luckily I think we were outta there early enough. How did your baby do?!

  3. If you missed the traffic, you WERE lucky! There were color covered people walking all over, it was hilarious!

    My "baby" did great! L.O.V.E. going to watch her races. It does help that she's so easy to see with her long red ponytail flipping along behind her. :)


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