Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Friday

Hi!  I was finally able to get a run in today and it felt so good.  I ran 8.5 miles, I was hoping for a solid 10 but with time constraints with the babysitter I shortened it so that I didn't make her late to her next commitment.  I still need to buckle down and get my Burn 2 workout completed for the day but I think I'll wait till both the girls are in bed.  The last few workouts with them running around have been a challenge to say the least.  Always a good reminder as to why I get up early to get things done.  I was listening to the audio CD portion of the Chalean program and she said that you have to schedule your workouts for a time that is best for your life, not for you physically.  Sounds kinda weird, but her point was that in order to get your workout done with the least distractions and interruptions your best option is going to be to do it before the sun is up.  In my life this is 100% true, if I am up at 5 and get my run and CLX completed before 7 I am in a much better mood and feel like I've already been really productive.  Its sets the tone for the rest of the day and I am freed up to take on whatever happens during the day because I don't have a workout hanging out over my head.  So for me the best time to complete my workout is before the sun is up, but for others the best time would be evenings or after their kids go to bed, have you found a particular time of the day that has been your best option?  

Another reason I prefer to run in the morning hours is because its so nice and cool outside during the summer months.  I experienced today how hot your body can get when you run closer to the afternoon, I was drenched in sweat when I got back to the house.  I could feel it dripping off of me from everywhere and I could wring out my gross.  Also as I hit around mile 5 I could feel the dreaded chaffing on the parts where my sports bra was rubbing.  Before I left I lathered up in Body Glide AND Vaseline because I know how prone to chaffing I didn't help at all!  As I was getting ready to take my shower I noticed that my sports bra on the inside had so much blood (sorry for the gory details).  OMG it hurt so bad, if you've ever experienced chaffing there as a woman you will understand the torture I was in taking my shower, OUCH!  Anyway...lesson learned I guess I need 10X more anti chaffing products applied to my body than previously thought, wowza.  

OK now onto the Random part of Random Friday.  

Took the girls to Red Robin this afternoon, Katherine is always game to color.

They both love the pizza, they don't get anything else, but this time they actually ordered it themselves by pointing to the picture on the menu.  I just can't believe how big they are getting and how fast!

I ordered their Avo-Cobb-o Salad without bacon or chicken, its funny that they keep that part of the salad blank.  It makes me laugh every time!

Then on the way home we stopped at the grocery store for the basics, milk for the girls, beer for mom and The Lorax for all 3 of us.  I also bought a package of ice cream bars and can't take those out for a picture because the girls will see them and then I'll have to share.  I don't want to share.  So there!  

Did you notice this bottle says Coronita?  Its a miniature little bottle of Corona and its so cute!  One of our old neighbors bought these by mistake once before many years ago and seeing them at the store today reminded me of how funny it was when she brought them out.  She thought maybe the "nita" part meant light, I guess she didn't notice they were tiny.  HA!  Still cracks me up!  Also they are the perfect size for when you want a beer but not a whole one, people do that right?  

Anything random about your Friday you wanna share?  

Do you have a training run or race scheduled for this weekend?  

What non-running stuff are you doing this weekend?  
-I am getting us ready for camping trip!  

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