Saturday, August 11, 2012

5 Great Years

Good morning!  CLX Burn 2 completed, I am behind on my Chalean this week but I'll still finish everything up tomorrow so that's good!  I complete my first 30 days on August 20th and I'll share with you my measurements, I don't know if I'll share pictures yet, that might have to wait till 60 Days or maybe even 90.

We are taking the girls on their first camping trip next week so I have a ton to do today and tomorrow to get us ready...the list keeps getting longer.  It doesn't help that I've never camped before and I am pretty much on my own to get us ready.  This should be interesting!  A friend of mine had some great ideas for the girls to do while we are camping, like painting rocks, seriously they would love that and it never would have crossed my mind!  

Guess what else is going on around here?!  Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary with Jess, 5 whole years!  They've been a pretty full 5 years to say the least and if they are any indication to what our life together is going to be like than I am really looking forward to all of it, well most of it.  HA! So I am a slideshow geek and love to put them together.  Jess, this is your anniversary gift from me.  We have everything in the world and by that I mean two little girls who are our entire lives.  Nothing brought us closer than having Sarah and Katherine and I am so glad that my little girls have a daddy like you.

Happy Anniversary Babe, here is to another 50 great years together!    

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  1. That was beautiful!! Happy 5 years, and many, many more!


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