Friday, June 8, 2012

Half Marathon Eve

Good evening!  Is it true?!  I am really running my first half marathon tomorrow?  I feel kind of silly, but I am just over the moon excited for the whole experience.  Getting up grossly early, getting dressed, driving to the race, taking our team pic and then OMGOONIES the starting line.  If I am this excited for the half, will be I be 2x as excited for the full marathon in October?!

I painted my nails so I have something pretty to look at, besides the scenery.  

I set out my clothes, iPod, water belt, etc.  I'll wake up at 4:30 and be ready to go!

And of course I am taking FULL advantage of carb loading!  I made a pasta casserole with spinach and greek yogurt mixed in for some other nutritional value.  :)  

To say I am excited for tomorrow is an understatement, I am ready for this and feel good.  I downloaded some great new songs to pump me up, I don't plan on listening to my iPod in the beginning of the race but I am sure there will be times when I'll want to get out of my head.  Really looking forward to seeing my friends at the end!  Plus a stadium finish will be really neat to experience.  I also hope to get at least one decent race photo...LOL, but I won't hold my breath!  

I have only heard good things about the Helvetia Half Marathon.  Just from my experience with Dave and Paula through Portland Fit I can only assume it will be a great race experience for everyone.  I'll post a recap of everything at some point tomorrow :)  

Who else is racing this weekend?!  

What do you eat before a long race?  

I realize that carbo loading is more myth than fact, but its fun!

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  1. Good Luck and Have Fun!!! Enjoy the day! Slow and Steady Wins the Race!


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