Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pre-Race Food

Good morning!  On the books is an easy run this morning so I thought I would visit with you all before I headed out!  I don't know about everyone out in the real, non-blogging world, but life lately around here has been craaaazy!  Just busy busy busy busy busy, do you get it, do I need to add another busy?  This weekend is my last race for the month of May and after that I do believe I only have 1 a month till our Marathon in October!  My gift to myself after running the marathon will be a 26.2 sticker (cause I am so cool now!) and one of these!


I don't know which one yet but I have lots of time to decide!  You can buy these shirts from 26.2 Apparel who I found out about from Skinny Runner, she really likes them and always has great things to say about their quality so they'll be my gift to myself when I complete my marathon mission.  Plus she looks super cute in them so therefore because I am her twin (she just doesn't know it) I will also be adorable.

On Sunday I ran my first 10K Katie in Sandy, the Run Girlfriend Run, you can read about it here if you want.  Before I left my house I did what I normally do, made some toast put some avocado on it, drank my water and my cup of coffee.  Its about an hour to Sandy no matter what way you swing it so I thought I would stop at Starbucks and pick up another coffee, except this time I got a latte.  What did I learn about my stomach and pre-race food?  Don't drink a latte before you run AND don't taste test even a little bit of a sport drink before you run It. Will. Hurt. My. Stomach....and hurt it will for about 4 miles, bleh.  It takes me at least a mile to warm up and stop questioning myself for signing up for these races, usually after a mile I am feeling really good and strong, not this time.  My stomach was just not happy and it was uncomfortable for a good portion of my run, I kept going as hard as I could and eventually it tappered off to just a small stomach ache that I could ignore. So what did I learn?  Stick to what works, get your latte after the race and ignore the samples!  Don't try anything different before you a race, save all new items and gear for training runs, that is what they are for, training.

I hope you all have a good Hump Day (I've never liked that phrase...) What are you all up to?!
-Today is Katherine's last day of music class for this school year, as a mom to twins and those being my only 2 "last" anything tugs at my heart strings.  OK no more crying over less activities to run to! Have a great day everybody!

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