Monday, May 14, 2012

Doggie Dash!

This morning I did some speed work or is it called tempo running?  To be honest I am still in learning mode I don't really know but I'll share it with you anyway!  I ran to the elementary school/middle school in our neighborhood that has a really nice track and did a warm up lap.  After my warm up I ran hard, really hard (for me) for a lap and then slowed down and did a nice slow lap.  I did this routine for about 8 laps, with 4 being hard and 4 being cool down/slow pace.  With my iPod Nano Nike Fitness feature it would tell me what my lap pace was and it was usually around a 8:00 minute pace, with my last lap being 7:35 pace.  I cannot tell you if this is good/bad/medium, have no idea!  Will talk to some more seasoned friends and my Portland Fit coaches to get their opinion.  But regardless I felt great afterwards!  I took the hill route home and felt strong.  It was an awesome run this morning :)

So to put it mildly, last week...was awful.  Just plain awful, it seemed to get progressively worse as the days wore on but I am sure that had to do with my attitude towards the situations and my lack of running.  BUT the weekend was nothing short of amazing.  Saturday morning was the Doggie Dash, my first of 3 races I am signed up for this Month, I know kinda over kill but they are fun and its a great excuse to get to spend 4 weekends in a row with Katie, which is basically unheard of around here.

We met up around 7 so we could run to the waterfront and not have to fight parking downtown.  It was such a beautiful morning, I am hoping this awesome weather we've been having is a nice prelude to our awesome summer.

Katie and Maverick were bright eyed and bushy tailed!

A free mimosa before our run?  Why Yes Thank You!

Maverick was a little stuck up to take a photo with me...whatever dude! 

It was just a fun 2.5 mile Dash from bridge to bridge in Downtown Portland, but it was a beautiful day and so fun to see everyone with their dogs.  It was a wonderful start to the great weekend that laid out before me.  

After the run I went home, showered and got ready for the rest of my Saturday with my family.  The sun was already hot and being outside just felt so good.  We went to Bi-Mart to pick up my fishing license and a couple fishing poles for our Mother's Day fishing trip on Sunday.  I wish I would have had my camera in Bi-mart, that place is hilarious!  There were some beautiful moo-moos that I think I could have pulled off...maybe.  

I'll share more about our Mother's Day fishing trip later! 

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