Monday, May 28, 2012

Did you say Rum or Run?!

What a weekend!  It was one of those where nothing significant happened, but it was busy and right now is the first time I've had a chance all weekend to sit down and blog, all together now, *sigh*.  I didn't run on Friday since Saturday was my Portland Fit and we were scheduled to run 12 so I figured I would lay low and not worry about getting in any mileage.  Plus Friday turned out to be incredibly hectic so finding time for a run just wouldn't have played out anyway.  Saturday morning we started the 12 miles around 6:30 AM and it was a really great run, I felt really strong throughout and kept a steady pace.  It was our last 12 miler before the Helvetia Half on June 9th, next Saturday we do 10 miles and then its the Half Marathon!  I am so excited that its already on the horizon and next week we pick up our packets!

Yesterday was the Rum Run in Tualatin and my last race for the month of May, an awesome race to wrap up the month!  The race started in 2008 in Tualatin and is working its way towards Seattle and San Diego too.  It has a fun tropical feel with tiki torches, steel drums and a kid zone equipped with a bounce house!  Katie and I had originally thought we would do the 10K but she was also scheduled to run 12 miles on Saturday so we scaled back and did the 5K and Katie PR'd that junk!  While I was waiting at the start for our wave to get going I got to meet a girl who reads my blog!  She totally made my day, thank you if your still reading and I didn't totally scare you away!

  She even came up to say HI after she probably witnessed this picture taking montage!

After the race we re-hydrated with a refreshing 10 Cane Rum Mojito!  And call me crazy but do Katie and I have like crazy vein hands in this picture?!  We must really be gripping our drinks, yes they were that good!

Now I am totally in the game getting ready for the Half in a couple weeks, I started with Portland Fit at the end of February and I can't believe how quickly the race got here, before I know it it'll be time for the Full Marathon, cray cray!  

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!  

Did anyone else run a race this weekend?  How did you do?

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