Friday, March 30, 2012

Being Sick Sucks, There I Said It

I am just over it, its only been a little over 24 hours with this stupid thing and I am ready for it to go!  It kills my motivation to get out there and run, when my alarm went off at 5:30 I couldn't even fathom the idea of going out in the rain, it would have felt like nails pelting me from above.

Tomorrow is my 8 mile run and I don't care I am running it I have been looking forward to it all week, excited actually, and I will get up and run it tomorrow.  Thank goodness for modern medicine, hello Tylenol Extra Strength, we meet again.  

So instead of getting my tempo run today like I was hoping I am trying so hard to get into Mad Men.  I am on Season 1 through Netflix and I just cannot get into it.  I force myself to watch a new episode because something has to happen right?!  The show is hard to handle, yes I am a SAHM but holy hell those housewives are just to much, grow a pair please.  Don Drapper...who does this guy think that he is?

I just watched the episode where he got a bonus and then wanted to take his bohemian girlfriend to Paris, but she wanted to stay at her gross apartment and listen to Miles Davis and get high...please tell me the show gets better because its losing me FAST!  Why does it get such great reviews? 

Does anyone out there have any get better fast tricks?  

Any tips for running when you are trying to kick a cold?

Someone tell me that Mad Men is worth watching!


  1. Good luck tomorrow on your 8 miles! Hopefully the cold won't hold you back!

  2. No way! Gonna push through, you ran through the flipping rain and wind storm this morning!


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