Friday, August 17, 2012

You can take the girl out of the city...

Good morning!  What a crazy couple of weeks it has been at our house, whew!  Last week Jess was out of town on a Hacker Camping Trip up in the Olympic Peninsula.  Yes I just said Hacker Camping Trip...yes I am married to the ultimate nerd, but I secretly love him for it.  He left on Wednesday morning which left me home with the girls solo till Sunday afternoon.  When he got home Sunday we unloaded his car and moved the camping gear into my car so we could head out on our family camping trip.  Great scheduling on our part right?!  

Since it was such a busy couple of weeks it was hard to get in all of the training runs I need to do in order to be ready for the marathon.  I am still looking into getting a treadmill because Jesse's work travel seems to be increasing and in order for my sanity to stay at a moderate level somehow I'll need to get in a run.  Yes I know running on a treadmill won't be as enjoyable as a run outside but any run is better than no run in my book. I think any runner out there can agree with me on that!  I am 2 workouts away from completing the Burn Phase of Chalean.  I'll be posting my 30 day measurements on Sunday sometime and Monday will be the start of the next phase!  I am pretty excited to be wrapping up the first phase, I can feel the changes in my body and I think with these next 30 days the changes will become more noticeable.  I don't feel confident enough to post any pictures, that is my own insecurities, but hopefully with 60 days I'll feel confident enough to post them.  

I hope everyone had a great week!  I have at least 25 things to do today to get the my house in livable condition again, plus its going to be 100 degrees in Portland today, yikes! 

Have you ever been camping?  

Where do you like to camp? 

Tell me about any fun runs or races you did last weekend or are doing this weekend! 

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