Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tweet! Tweet!

Good morning!  No run this morning, boo.  Jess had to leave earlier than usual for work and I could have just gotten up earlier, like 5, but I wasn't mentally prepared for that and I stayed up to late watching the Olympics.  So oh well, its a missed run but those happen and I just have to let it go.  Later today I am going to do CLX Intervals and Abs which is a high cardio workout so I can get sweaty and wear my new shoes.  In other new shoes news, I forgot to tell you about my newest addition.

I got these at a silent auction last weekend, aren't they cute?!  I had to have them, I stalked that table like Lucy does when she knows it feeding time.  I paid way to much for them but all of the $ went to a great cause so I honestly don't feel bad about over paying for them.  Plus they are just going to be daily errands shoes, not running or cross training so they should last me quite a while.

Yesterday I met Katie for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory and didn't take any pictures except for one of my drink, nice right?  Priorities.  

Jess went to Costco last night before I met up with Katie and I didn't see everything he bought until I woke up this morning and saw it hanging out in my kitchen.  

Well Good Morning sugar, sugar, more processed sugar and one of my favorite girls to give some sugar.  This is what happens when you send Jess to any grocery store, he comes home with junk and its always my fault because I don't buy it.  Really, Ol'Time White bread?  I haven't bought white bread...actually I don't think I have ever bought white bread.  Look how happy Katherine is?!  I guess sometimes won't hurt, but that is a huge box of Reese's Puffs!  Someone help me.  

As I was taking the above picture I could hear a bunch of little tweets, real ones not ones from Twitter.  

These little baby birds have started making their appearance in the little nest on our porch.  I don't have the heart to move it right now, there is no way I could do that to them.  But I am going to have to get rid of it eventually...does anyone have any ideas?  When I should do it or how?  They are so little and I think there are at least 6 of them in there.  As I was taking the picture the mama bird must have seen me and came dive bombing at me!  Holy crap!  OK OK I get it, I'll go back in inside!  

  Who does the grocery shopping at your house?  Is it a team effort?

What is favorite type of bread?  Brand?  


  1. 1) nice shoes.
    2) nice cocktail.
    3) nice soon to be sugar high.
    4) as far as the baby birds go. i would bring the mommy bird coffee and an issue of the latest bird magazine. then later i would bring her some of that sugary cereal, so she doesnt have to run out and get the baby birds food. she was probably up all night long tending to the young. she probably needs a nap and a shower. her feathers are probably all a fluster. listen to her. she will need an ear to listen.

    you as the mom of twins can only imagine by 1/3 what that poor mommy bird is going through right now. give her as much mommy support as you can. (giggles)

    ps save me some of that cereal for tonight... :)

    1. HAHAHA yes the poor bird needs a break I am sure, those little baby birds in there sound pretty demanding LOL!


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